PCI Compliance

If your business takes and stores customers’ credit card details, it is essential that your hosting platform is PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliant. Each new eCommerce website requires PCI certification from an approved scanning vendor; Umbee consultants guide you through the complex process and ensure your web service fully complies with PCI regulations to minimise the risks of compromising customers’ credit/debit card information.

Security is vital to compliance; our infrastructure offers greater levels of security than many enterprise-class hosting systems. PCI compliance begins with planning how best to keep customers’ data secure.

To gain PCI compliance you will need to first plan how best to keep your customer data secure. This really all comes down to design and understanding of the process.

Download Umbee’s step-by-step guide to achieving PCI compliance.

  • Full Site Audit

    Umbee works with an independent compliance partner to undertake a full security audit on your eCommerce site and produce a report. Umbee remediates any issues until your site passes all PCI compliance scans.

  • Free Design to Meet PCI Audit

    PCI compliance requires a full network design that shows all your site’s components. Umbee provides managed hosting customers with a full Visio network diagram as standard.

  • PCI Ready Platform

    Umbee’s core hosting network is PCI ready. Our PCI platforms are specifically designed for you to build your eCommerce environment; you’ll also benefit from our ongoing commitment to security.

  • Regular Vulnerability Scanning

    Umbee will regularly scan your platform and re-mediate any vulnerability until re-scans prove your platform to be fully compliant.

  • ISO Accredited

    Umbee maintains ISO 27001; the industry standard data management accreditation to enhance your PCI compliance credentials. This demonstrates our commitment to treating customer data with integrity to help you maintain yours securely.

  • Expert Support

    Maintaining PCI compliance for your eCommerce site requires ongoing support and guidance from our team of seasoned experts.

What our customers say

“My team and I here at Ezbob have been creatively and collaboratively working with Umbee since their early incorporation on a number of key and successful projects.  Our organisations are synced in terms of providing tailored technical solutions to our customers.

We use Umbee for their extensive industry knowledge, expertise and resources and foresee the partnership to be a long and mutually rewarding one.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Umbee”

Yaron Shoshani, CTO

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