Application Hosting

Umbee are Experts in hosting mission critical workloads for SaaS providers. Our staff are specialists in offering professional, infrastructure solutions tailored to meet our customer’s precise requirements.

Our ‘niche’ approach allows customers to build the right platform, first-time round, picking the services that are required to support your application and business needs, saving costs and improving business continuity. Whilst hosting applications for numerous banks and financial companies, Umbee has gained industry expertise catering to all requirements whether you are a start-up organisation or an established Software Application Provider wishing to wholly or in part, migrate from providing the legacy on premise client/server licensing model to hosting in the Cloud.

Umbee has established itself as a leading authority when it comes to Application Hosting providing unique, customised solutions for our customers. Umbee’s application hosting solutions are flexible enough to accommodate most bespoke on-line application requirements.

Key Advantages:

  • Software is managed from a central location
  • Simplified Billing and Licensing model
  • Software access delivered as either one or to many
  • Centralised Performance Management
  • The user experience is greatly simplified
  • Incredibly cost efficient and Flexible simplified deployment models
  • SaaS facilitates ease of e-commerce and managed software usage
  • Provides integration between various pieces of software

Did you know, by letting Umbee host your application you will reduce your total cost of ownership by up to 70% over 3 years? You will not need any of the technical expertise that Application Hosting demands as Umbee will handle the technical complexity of implementing and managing your Application.

Sit back and let Umbee Handle Your Application Hosting

  • Bespoke Custom Design
  • Centralise your data
  • We can Scale Rapidly
  • Security built-In
  • No CAP-EX
  • Location of your choice
  • Citrix XenDesktop qualified engineers
  • 24/7 Support Included

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  • Infinitely Scalable

    Our Cloud Solutions are built on an extremely scalable platform ensuring that the growth of your business and application requirements are catered for from the very start. We have the resources and certified expertise in house to deliver a reliable, resilient growth orientated platform to host your all-important application.

  • Pure Opex

    Here at Umbee, we appreciate that Software Applications greatly varies and as such, in business, SaaS hosting will increase your business footprint, minimise up front cost outlay and create a customer user experience that will provide customer satisfaction and unbelievable performance.

  • Superior Performance

    Whichever SaaS hosting solution is adopted, our backend infrastructure ensures superior performance both for your primary and secondary sites.  Umbee Hosting that utilises state of the art Data Centre facilities in the World, all of which contain industry recognised and award winning Umbee equipment from vendors like Cisco , Nimble IBM.  We are equipped to accommodate the most demanding of Applications thus providing redundancy and high availability. 

  • Integrated Support

    Our integrated support model insures 24/7 granular monitoring providing a single point of contact such as Umbee, for fast and proactive response to issues.

    Our support models can be tailored and priced to your exact requirements. The ‘round peg, square hole’ inflexibility does not exist within Umbee.

  • Expert Management

    Our technical team are all highly qualified and experienced. Our engineers possess an eclectic array of skills that not only provides….on hand 24/7 *365 days a year support but technical design and build ideas and considerations for our customers. Often, the latter is a collaborative process which we, here at Umbee, encourage.

    Umbee provides peace of mind and optimum up-time.

  • Integrated Backups

    Data integrity and recovery are at utmost importance to Umbee.  We provide data integrity by regular replication and backups to multiple geographical locations thereby massively mitigating customer risks and vulnerabilities.

What our customers say

“My team and I here at Ezbob have been creatively and collaboratively working with Umbee since their early incorporation on a number of key and successful projects.  Our organisations are synced in terms of providing tailored technical solutions to our customers.

We use Umbee for their extensive industry knowledge, expertise and resources and foresee the partnership to be a long and mutually rewarding one.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Umbee”

Yaron Shoshani, CTO

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