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Hosted Desktop is a perfect solution for a business that needs to centralise. A Hosted Desktop gives your business ultimate flexibility and control by centralising files and applications into a secure data centre location. Your desktop will be accessible at all times and can be accessed from anywhere on any device as long as you have an internet connection. You will be able to access your desktop from any device PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. All of your critical data will be housed in our Tier 3 data centres around the world.


The Benefits

  • Reduce Those Costs

    We see this as one of the major reasons why companies choose us as their Hosted Desktop provider. We see that most businesses will save 70% of their costs over a 3 year period, turning IT into an OPEX model and removing any capital expenditure that can cripple cash flow. By using a Hosted Dekstop from Umbee, you will have a fixed per user per month cost model so you can easily budget your IT expenditure.

  • Data Security

    At Umbee we take security very seriously and build in security to the very core of our Hosted Desktop platform. We host desktops out of state of the art secure data centres. In addition to this, desktops are delivered over secure SSL encryption that is protected by Cisco enterprise grade firewalls. Umbee also take care of antivirus threats on behalf of our customers. We also offer two-factor authentication which ensures accounts cannot be accessed without an independent token similar to how you logon to your online banking.

  • MS Office Included

    With our bundled MS Office Suite your business will have the latest Microsoft Office suite installed and configured to your exact requirements. By centralising your Office applications you can give every user a consistent look and feel every time with Office updates centrally rolled out using our automated patch deployment tools.

  • No More IT Stress

    We find companies that adopt Hosted Desktops, benefit from an easy to manage consistent user experience for every user within the organisation. This approach to IT desktop delivery massively simplifies things as your desktops and applications are managed centrally by Umbee and you will no longer be bogged down with IT problems since we do it for you.

  • Anytime Anywhere Access

    As Hosted Desktops run from inside a data centre you will be able to access your desktop from any location on any device and have a consistent user experience. Imagine leaving the office with all of your applications and documents open, and the next time you connect everything is exactly as you left it – even if you are on another device in a different location. This is the benefit of a true always ‘on’ Hosted Desktop solution.

  • Secure Data Centres

    Umbee deliver your Hosted Desktop out of one of our carefully selected Tier 3 data centre facilities. Our data centres have been handpicked based on quality and security. All facilities hold ISO 27001, 14001 and 9001 accreditations, as well as PCI DSS and many other industry standards. This gives you the choice of picking a Hosted Desktop location that is close to your region to guarantee optimum performance for your business desktop.

  • Business Continuity

    As standard Umbee will replicate all Hosted Desktops to a secondary data centre to ensure your business can continue to function should disaster strike the primary data centre. Each user will have all data and personal desktop settings replicated in a standby state ready for action should it be needed. We use a combination of replication technologies to achieve this and will implement this from the day you go live on our platform for that added piece of mind that cannot be replicated on a traditional laptop/desktop environment.

  • Better Than RDP

    Unlike other Hosted Desktop providers, we don’t just give you a simple RDP based desktop. We use Citrix XenDesktop VDI technology to deliver enterprise grade performance for every Hosted Desktop user. The Citrix technology stack leverages the proprietary ICA protocol, which has a much lighter network footprint than RDP, and provides all users with a user experience that makes the session look and feel like a normal PC.

  • Rapidly Scalable

    At Umbee, we meet your businesses demands, providing a rapidly scalable environment for us to grow along side your business.

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