Managed Firewalls

We take security seriously and help you by managing the security of your web services, when you need more than basic protection.

All Umbee fully Managed Firewall solutions are built using Cisco ASA technology, and are installed, managed and monitored to provide you with full security. All incoming traffic is inspected and filtered at packet level with NAT and other security rules configured in line with your corporate policies.

Umbee chooses Cisco firewall technology for their superior protection from external threats and our fully qualified Cisco professionals help you protect your data, your business services and your hosted infrastructure from hackers, viruses and malware.



  • We Manage So You Can Relax

    Why manage your own complex firewall rules and configurations? Our networking team will take care of moves and changes to your dedicated firewall – freeing up essential IT resources.

  • Max 1-Hour Replacement Guarantee SLA

    The Umbee 1-hour replacement guarantee provides you with peace of mind if your dedicated hardware firewall fails. Our engineers fully restore all the original firewall configurations onto a new device within the hour.

  • We Live by Our Enterprise Hardware Ethos

    Quality is never compromised! Umbee uses Cisco firewall technology in all of our Managed Firewall solutions to provide you with superior protection.

  • Trained Cisco Engineers In-House

    You can trust Umbee; our Cisco certified network engineers are always on hand to troubleshoot and resolve any technical problems you may have.

  • We Love It When It Gets Complex

    Sometimes you need more than a simple firewall. When you have complex security requirements and need help with design and architecture, Umbee can design a secure network and implement the right Cisco firewall(s) for your unique needs.

  • Responsive Support, When You Need to Make Changes Quickly

    When you need to add a user or set up a NAT rule quickly, it’s easy with a Managed Firewall from Umbee. Our engineers are on-hand 24/7 to help you get things done; so you’ll never be left waiting around.

  • Control and Transparency

    When Umbee sets up your dedicated firewall, we’ll give you full access so that you can view all the rules and configurations whenever you need so you stay in control of your dedicated firewall.

  • Reduce Network Exposure

    Managed Firewalls ensure your infrastructure is fully protected at all times. We advise you on how to limit exposure to any threats and recommend only opening ports as and when necessary.

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