Disaster Recovery

Umbee knows what it takes to bring a hosted solution back from a disaster or primary site outage online quickly.

It’s vital to have a streamlined and well planned process that can be invoked and tested regularly to ensure it meets your Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO).

We have the experience and the technology to help you develop the precise DR strategy for your unique needs. Whether you operate a Cloud infrastructure or dedicated servers, you will benefit from our DR strategy planning, implementation and documentation.

  • Transparent DR Pricing

    Our DR pricing model is simple! For an additional 35% to your platform costs, Umbee will provide your hosted infrastructure with a full DR provision and full DR from a separate data centre. We also work with you to regularly test and invoke your DR procedures to ensure your processes are reliable.

  • Cloud Based or Physical

    To simplify your DR and Business continuity processes, Umbee often uses cloud based products like VMWare when planning for physical, virtual or mixed infrastructure recoveries. Our experience in both physical and virtual technologies enables us to employ either recovery method where necessary, helping you recover your services efficiently, regardless of the underlying technology stack you employ.

  • DR Strategy Planning

    Planning for disaster is vital for many of our customers; our consultancy team works with you to understand your unique circumstances, risks and requirements. This approach enables us to implement a DR plan that provides for end-to-end Disaster mitigation for all our hosted services.

  • Data Replication

    To provide you with a fully integrated DR approach, Umbee utilises a number of technologies for data replication across data centres. Typically we use VMWare native replication or Traditional SAN based replication; ensuring your critical data is available at a secondary location should you have an outage at your primary site. Once we have developed your DR plan, our team will implement the data replication strategy according to your needs.

  • DNS Failover

    When recovering your services to a secondary data centre, you must ensure your DNS infrastructure fails over to this configuration. We incorporate this within your managed DR solution.

  • Meeting Recovery Point Objectives

    Successful DR plans must meet your business recovery time objectives (RTO). Umbee ensures that all of our managed DR solutions meet these objectives as standard; guaranteeing your system is restored online, on time.

  • Recovery Point

    As with your RTO, it’s vital that you understand the recovery point required, to bring your business systems back online from a disaster. Umbee will work with you to determine the exact point of recovery, when your DR failover is invoked.

  • Business Continuity Planning

    Business continuity differs from DR but is something that we address through comprehensive DR strategy planning. Our consultants recommend ways that the technology we use can provide true business continuity for your hosted infrastructure. All business continuity services are designed to complement your DR strategy.

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