Load Balancing

When performance and uptime of high-volume websites and applications is vital, you need load balanced hosting. Umbee has a wealth of experience in implementing robust and reliable load balanced hosting. We’ll guide you through the design and implementation for your unique online business needs.

Umbee uses Barracuda Load Balancer ADC technology to provide you with great performance and the flexibility to scale as you grow, while keeping your capital expenditure low. They can be deployed as physical or virtual appliances and can even be implemented as a load balanced web tier on a dedicated server, a virtual server or as an instance of a Cloud server.



  • No More Downtime

    By load balancing your web tier, you increase uptime of your critical web presence, which virtually eliminates downtime instances.

  • Health Checking

    Managed load balancers will constantly monitor the health of all servers within the cluster. If a server goes offline, traffic is redirected whilst the issue is quickly resolved.

  • We're Application Aware

    Umbee understands how important it is for your business applications to keep running; load balancing improves the availability, efficiency and performance of all your vital applications.

  • Persistent Cookie Options

    Performance of your application is vital to your success and Umbee offers these cookie options to help maintain a persistent visitor experience and control the efficiency of your application load balancing.

  • SSL Offloading

    Using a load balancer to offload SSL requests significantly improves the overall performance of your website(s) and accelerates HTTPS performance.

  • High Availability

    When you need enhanced redundancy, Umbee can implement load balancers in a High Availability pair; removing any single point of failure from within your platform.

  • Global Load Balancing

    When load balancing within a single data centre isn’t enough; Umbee can provide extra physical and geographical redundancy for your web entity by implementing a global load balancing function that is split between two or more data centres.

  • Smart Compression and Caching

    Load balancers are not simply about basic load balancing. Within our standard load balancing solutions, Umbee helps you dramatically boost the performance of your website by configuring your Barracuda ADC device for compression and caching of your web content to improve download speed and responsiveness.

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