Our Network

We own and operate our fully redundant BGP network and peer with multiple Tier1 network providers in a blended architecture. For our customers, this means network uptime is always guaranteed; if one upstream provider has a problem, your traffic immediately shifts to a new route – so your business suffers ZERO downtime. Our global network reach ensures that your traffic is always routed via the best possible network path; reducing network latency and providing fast and reliable routes at all times.

We Leverage Only Tier 1 IP Providers Such As

95th Percentile Billing

We have adopted an industry standard 95th percentile bandwidth billing model, which gives all of our customers fair data usage through transparent pricing. 95th is calculated by taking the higher of input vs output at 5 minute intervals (ignoring the top 5%). 

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Umbee is an NCC partner with RIPE. This means we have our own IP space, allowing Umbee to better manage your connections between ISPs. Ripe is the Regional Internet Registry for Europe, the Middle East and parts of Central Asia.

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