Detailed monitoring and alerting prevents you from getting bogged down with fire-fighting when a service or process stops or a server shuts down. The Umbee deep-scan platform monitors every single component to a granular level; monitoring CPU, memory, disk space, even the status of individual services. We can set up alert thresholds for your unique requirements and set the right actions for handling each alert. You also get full access to our monitoring platform for complete visibility of your hosted infrastructure.

  • Monitor Every Component

    Umbee monitors all the activity within your entire platform, from performance updates to logon attempts; all from our easy-to-use central interface. Monitoring and deep dive solutions from Umbee help you troubleshoot and resolve bottlenecks before your customers notice any dip in performance.

  • Geographically Diverse Monitoring Platform

    Umbee always splits the monitoring load across multiple data centres to provide a fully resilient monitoring platform for your infrastructure. In the unlikely event of a site failure, your alerts within monitoring platforms at other locations, are maintained.

  • Alerting and Escalation When You Need It

    You don’t need to be alerted of issues that aren’t vital to your performance, so we only configure alerting on services or failures within our monitoring platform that match the services and escalation paths your unique requirements demand.

  • Control from Anywhere on Any Device

    When you need to monitor the performance of an application or processes, or you need to reboot a server while you’re on the move; Umbee’s web-based monitoring platform means you can access the feature-rich, central monitoring console on your laptop, tablet or smart-phone, from any location.

  • Supporting Windows and Linux

    Our monitoring platform supports Windows and various Linux environments. Umbee can monitor and set thresholds and alerts if you’re running both Windows and Linux services in your environment.

  • Hypervisor Aware

    The Umbee monitoring platform supports Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware ESXI and Citrix XENServer to actively monitor every aspect of your hypervisor infrastructure. When any machine reaches its limit of CPU usage, disk space, or memory consumption we can proactively maintain your system to optimise performance.

  • Full Control

    Umbee puts you in full control; not only can our monitoring platform provide you with essential alerts it can also allow you to reboot servers and manage settings from any device.

  • SSL Monitoring

    The Umbee platform provides SSL lifecycle management and can send alerts when certificates are due to expire. Never forget and never suffer downtime with expired SSL certificates again!

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