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Managed Backup simplified for you

Umbee make Cloud based Managed Backup available to all. Our approach is to integrate with your existing infrastructure to give you an effortlessly easy to deploy Cloud repository for your business. We use Veeam and Veeam Cloud Connect technology to provide an enterprise Backup as a Service offering for you to utilise, with minimal effort from you and your business.

Leverage our integrated custom portal to manage your jobs and view reports on demand. This is truly the answer to your backup headaches and turns your backups into a background task that ensures you have peace of mind and the ability to confidently say “yes” if your business has to ask itself the question “is my data safe?”.

How we get your Data into our platform

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    No Storage Limits

    Our solution is built to scale with you and we have built the platform to have unlimited capacity. Our Storage platform is modular and scalable and we reward this growth by reducing your per TB cost the more you consume.

    BEE in Control

    Access and recover data in hosted backup repositories directly from the backup console; track cloud repository consumption and receive reminders for hosted storage renewals.


    Rest easy by encrypting all data at source (before it leaves your network perimeter), in flight and at rest, without negatively impacting the data reduction ratios of built-in compression and WAN Acceleration.

    No more tapes

    Leverage our modern backup technology, including Backup Copy jobs with Built-in WAN Acceleration, forever incremental backups, GFS (grandfather-father-son) retention policies and more—all built into one product.

What our customers say

“My team and I here at Ezbob have been creatively and collaboratively working with Umbee since their early incorporation on a number of key and successful projects.  Our organisations are synced in terms of providing tailored technical solutions to our customers. We use Umbee for their extensive industry knowledge, expertise and resources and foresee the partnership to be a long and mutually rewarding one. I would have no hesitation in recommending Umbee” Yaron Shoshani, CTO
DG3 have thirty years in the specialism of providing global print and communications services and as such, we know what works to get business done without compromise on quality, customer care & satisfaction and the ability to adapt to our customers’ needs. “Umbee significantly compliments our business, their service to us to us is highly responsive and they provide excellent support.  We trust Umbee to not only meet both our current but also our future needs.  They are very engaging and easy to do business with.  Their proposition price points are competitive and scalable”. Mark Aris, IT Manager
Spidex’s water-testing compliance product DataSabre is a unique software application that is used in the NHS and by other care providers to help manage vital microbial testing programmes within a stringent regulatory framework.  “We have been a long term Umbee customer and certainly feel that they are helping support our strategic objectives, both in providing for a growing customer base and expanding our suite of software products.  We find Umbee responsive and adaptive to our needs. They are creative in the advice provided with regard to our hosting and SaaS offerings, in a partnership that is mutually rewarding.” Nicole Stevens, Technical Director

Veeam Managed Backup


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