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Let us Manage your AWS Infrastructure

Our network operations centre fully, and constantly, monitors your AWS platform using a proactive approach saving you time and money by ensuring your system runs 24/7- no exceptions. We provide bespoke Managed AWS solutions to transform your cloud platform experience and productivity to be the best it can be for your company. As an AWS partner, we give you peace of mind knowing that you have full technical assurance and management of your system. That’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Managed AWS Service

Key Advantages:

  • Software is managed from a central location
  • Simplified Billing and Licensing model
  • Software access delivered as either one or to many
  • Centralised Performance Management
  • The user experience is greatly simplified
  • Incredibly cost efficient and Flexible simplified deployment models
  • SaaS facilitates ease of e-commerce and managed software usage
  • Provides integration between various pieces of software
  • Proactive Monitoring.

    We realise the value of being proactive, rather than reactive, if something goes wrong. We know exactly which metrics to monitor with your Managed AWS cloud platform to maintain full connectivity and access around the clock. If anything should happen, our engineers will immediately start working to solve the hitch before it becomes a bigger issue that may have a detrimental effect on the flow of your business. This is all achieved behind the scenes for you, leaving you free to get on with what you do best, rather than losing valuable time troubleshooting your cloud platform

  • Consultancy and Design.

    We know that ‘one size does not fit all’ when implementing cloud-based solutions for your unique business needs. We engage with you, from day one, to get to really understand your business needs and your commercial vision. Our consultancy services architect a scalable AWS platform solution with you to ensure you do not end up with an infrastructure that is difficult to manage due to poor design and lack of insightful planning for the future.

  • Streamlining Cost.

    We carry out regular audits of your AWS account to ensure that you continue to get the best value service provision. Understanding how business needs constantly change and develop over time, enables us to ensure you are always getting the right level of service provision. We analyse your AWS usage to optimise cost and value for money. We make certain there is no financial waste by paying for capacity you do not need, and we advise the best way to upscale your account if you need to increase your platform capacity.

  • ‘Direct Connect’ Management.

    We can set up, and manage, your direct connect infrastructure through our comprehensive management services. By creating a private, secure, dedicated AWS infrastructure network within your on-site infrastructure or on your externally hosted systems, you can integrate dedicated VLANs into your AWS platform solution with ease.

  • Hybrid Cloud Set-up.

    Some business requirements dictate that you may need to ‘pick and mix’ your cloud-based solutions. We can review your needs and create a hybrid solution leveraging the power of AWS with other public cloud-based provisions to deliver the exact level of functionality you need. When you are happy to proceed with your hybrid solution, we will deal with the complex architecture set-up to guarantee you are up and running without a hitch.

  • 24/7 Support

    Tap into our 24/7 Managed NOC to support your Managed AWS Infrastructure. Our team of AWS Certified engineers will look after your platform so you can concentrate on building your business without the stares off keep your platform up and running 24/7. Let the experts do what we do so you can do what you do.