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Cloud Server

Umbee Cloud Servers are safe and flexible for a number of good reasons. For a start, they are virtual machines that are run on our VMware public Cloud. Because of this they can be deployed very quickly and easily when needed. They can also be scaled to ensure that on-demand control of CPU, Memory and Disk storage is available.

The UmbeevCloud Platform is robust and extremely secure. It is a shared Cloud system that has been built using VMware ESXI technology. This means you can rest assured that our VMware hosting and virtual server hosting are both secure and reliable.

The set up of this form of Cloud Servers hosting allows for a high degree of flexibility and large potential IT savings. Our VMware hosting & Cloud Servers can also be set up to deal with just about any type of application or workload. This means that they can work perfectly for individual websites, and that they are equally useful for entire backend infrastructures for big companies.

Begin building your Cloud Server:

To begin, drag the sliders to choose your desired hardware specifications. Next Choose any additional add-ons for your server, its operating system and whether you want any managed services. Then enter your details below to get contacted by Umbee’s sales team.

    Step 1 / Setup:

    Per Committed vCPU

    Per Committed vRAM

    Per GB Committed SATA

    Per GB Committed SAS Storage

    Per GB Committed SSD

    Per Committed vCPU

    11 vCPU

    Per Committed vRAM

    4GB vRAM

    Per GB Committed SATA

    200GB SATA

    Per GB Committed SAS

    100GB SAS

    Per GB Committed SSD

    200GB SSD

    Step 2 / Select options:

    2.1 - Hardware Options

    2.2 - Compliance Options

    2.3 - Network Options

    Step 3 / OS & Services:

    3.1 - Operating System

    3.2 - Managed Services

    Step 4 / Your details: