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Why I Started Umbee Hosting

Marlon Davids Monday, April 25, 2016

Why I Started Umbee Hosting. Marlon Davids, Managing Director, explains how Umbee Hosting is the culmination of his life-long passions, helping others through technology.

Why I Started Umbee Hosting, Marlon Davids - Managing Director

You’ve probably heard people say it a thousand times: “It’s a passion of mine,” or, “It’s my passion.” Unfortunately, the word “passion” seems to be overused nowadays, which is why I hesitated to use it when I first wrote this blog. But there’s simply no other way to describe how I feel about my company and why I started Umbee Hosting. For me, it really is true: Umbee is more than just a business, it’s a passion. In fact, it’s the culmination of several passions that I’ve developed over the course of my life.

Helping Others

My first passion – and one that I still hold dear today – is a passion for helping others. I have felt this from a very early age. Going to school, I had schoolmates whose families owned computers but had no idea how to use them. After classes, I would go round to their houses and set the computers up and install applications for my friends and their parents to use.

I’ve always had a strong desire to help other people in whatever way I could. My dad worked at PC World, and I remember going with him to work over school holidays. I’d be desperate to help the technical team fix broken PCs and feel such a fantastic sense of satisfaction when I was able to solve problems they had been struggling with. Sometimes I even got to go with my father to help local small companies set up small workgroup networks – little did I know this would become my career path in the future.

As I grew up and continued on in school and business, that passion for helping others evolved into a goal of mine – one that I still strive to achieve each and every day.

Marlon Davids in his youth.


From a very early age, I always knew I wanted to be in IT. I remember telling my English teacher as he went round the class asking what everyone wanted to do when they leave school that I wanted to be a Windows NT Administrator. Everyone laughed – they had no idea that to me, this would have been more than a job – it would have been fun. I was blessed to feel passionate about one field at a relatively early age – technology. I realize that a passion for technology may sound strange to some, as technology is seen by many as a somewhat unfeeling profession, disconnected from the human side of things. But it’s where I excelled, where my skills blossomed, and where I had the best opportunity to fully utilize my talents and my natural abilities.

And maybe it was because of my own soft spot for people in need that I never found technology to be disconnected from the human experience at all – in fact, just the opposite. It occurred to me, over my many years working as an engineer and in other positions requiring a high level of technical expertise, that I could implement technology solutions to serve people. So, years later, that’s exactly what I did.

Today, Umbee Hosting is where Marlon David's passions combine.

Personal Connections

Long before social media became the mainstay that it is today, I strongly believed that technology could be used to connect people and help them succeed. After all, why shouldn’t the small family-owned business have all the same chances for success as a large corporation? And why shouldn’t we make good use of all the advantages that technology presents to us, while still maintaining our personal connections to other people?

After twenty years of working for other organizations – many of them leaders in their field – I was driven to strike out on my own. In retrospect, I believe that drive to go it alone was born out of my two strongest passions – the desire to help people and the love of technology. Finally, I was able to piece together how I could satisfy both my passions – I could use technology to help people. As a consultant, I set out to do just that. While I can honestly say that I was successful in my efforts, I also found that there were a lot more people than I expected who needed my help. I can’t count the number of sleepless nights or 60+ hour weeks I spent trying to solve their problems. It was after one of those seemingly endless weeks that I knew it was time to involve more people in my passions. That’s when I started Umbee Hosting.

The Umbee team exemplify Marlon's passions in their outstanding customer service and technical knowledge.

Umbee Hosting: Where Passions Combine

At Umbee Hosting, we still believe in my passions. In fact, we base our business on them:

  • Clients are more than simply customers – they’re people who need our help. There’s nothing more rewarding (and I don’t mean monetarily) than seeing our clients get the help they need.
  • Every business deserves the chance to succeed. Whether you run a mega-corporation or a sole proprietorship, we can provide you with the technological tools you need to make a success of your business.
  • Technology really does connect people. Now, thanks to the Cloud, that’s truer than ever before – just as I suspected all those years ago.
  • Helping people is what it’s all about. That’s why we provide exceptional customer service to our clients. But at Umbee, that help doesn’t just include our own customers; it also includes the list of charities that we take great pride in supporting.

“Passion” may well be an over-used term. But sometimes, it’s really true. For me, Umbee Hosting is the culmination of my passions. I hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little about me and why I started Umbee. And I hope you’ll contact us when you need help. We’d be glad to connect with you.

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