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Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud [Infographic]

Marlon Davids Thursday, May 5, 2016

Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud, Moving legacy applications to the Cloud can be a daunting task, even for established enterprises with seemingly limitless resources. Data suggests that industries that still rely most heavily on legacy code and applications include banks and financial institutions, insurance companies and government organizations.

What do these institutions have in common besides their dependence on legacy apps? All of them regularly handle sensitive customer information and stand to lose a lot more than just data should something go wrong with their systems.

It’s Not the Application – It’s What You Do With It

 Legacy applications aren’t evil in and of themselves. The problems associated with them arise largely because of where they are housed and how they are maintained. Legacy applications are most frequently used on unsecured, poorly documented systems that have been cobbled together over decades of mergers and market changes. Rather than starting fresh when business was booming, temporary solutions have been bolted on at different stages of the application’s life – resulting in a Frankenstein solution that the owners can’t do without.

Many institutions relying on legacy applications are using systems that date back 40 or more years – the experts who originally designed these applications and knew them inside and out have long since retired. This means older applications languish uncared for because newer technicians don’t have the understanding of the outdated technology to attempt major maintenance or updates, and the few remaining specialists who have the required skills charge skyrocketing maintenance costs.

Secure Data and Adapt to the Changing Marketplace

In order to protect sensitive and important data while adapting to new market trends and customer demands, these institutions should consider moving legacy applications to the Cloud. An experienced Cloud team with expertise in legacy apps can help secure data against loss or breaches while making it accessible for institutional use and analysis. A Cloud solution can also help agencies reliant on legacy applications adapt to changing customer demands and stay competitive against new digital-native rivals.

If your agency is considering moving legacy applications to the Cloud, Umbee’s team of experts is here to help. Get in touch with us today.

Infographic: Moving Legacy Applications to the Cloud

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