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EG Innovations- The Future of Platform Monitoring

Marlon Davids Wednesday, March 7, 2018

EG Innovations- The Future of Platform Monitoring, Monitoring tools, although necessary, can be the bane of an IT engineer’s life. The constant tweaking and configuration required can be a time consuming nuisance that may impair an engineer’s ability to complete other pressing tasks they may have at hand. In many establishments, it becomes necessary for some engineers to be placed full time on configuring monitoring systems to ensure their efficiency.

This blog is based off an interview we had with our CTO, Muneeb (Who we have previously interviewed) and infrastructure engineer, Arthur Gladwin. The two work very closely on any project that may come our way, deftly working through issues, upgrades and audits as necessary. The two are innovators, and thanks to Arthur’s particularly inquisitive nature when it comes to tech, he found a potentially revolutionary tool, known as eG Innovations. This is what this interview is based on.

Prior to our recent discovery of eG Innovations’ monitoring tool, we had How we used eG Innovations to manage a platform, and how it found otherwise cumbersome to find, small, important details that could cover our backs in the long term, and help us find more relevant fixes in the short.

For example: One of our customers has many users in different time zones, in the past we have borne the brunt of blame when technical issues arise from the user and from our clients. There were no ways to prove the issues were not related to our platform. It could have been caused by the WAN link, or network latency but we could not prove this without extensive digging. Tweaking tools for each client’s product takes a lot of time to set it up in a way that will deliver relevant information and this has to be done for each version and by the time a tool is tweaked successfully it becomes obsolete as a new version is released. It must then be tweaked further to bring it in line with event logs. The new tool from eG Innovations however, tells the issue in a human language, is set up and ready to go in half an hour with little effort required in terms of setup or configuration, with the tool being able to collect a massive, stunning amount of data near instantly. Having been present when my colleague first tested this tool, I was shocked to see how much it could tell us about just about every detail we could have wanted.  Of course, this is all comparatively speaking.

The initial dashboard is user friendly, for example: “server up, memory low” was one of the terms it used to describe an issue at first. Of course, clicking on to that error message revealed more about the problem, detailing which programs or processes were hogging the memory, how much memory was in use and how much there was total, as well as for how long the machine had been in this state. Standard stuff really, however the lack of high technical jargon makes it easy for even the most entry level of engineers to pick up on issues and move towards a fast resolution. The dashboard can also be configured and edited to show whatever relevant information one would require. The Dashboard runs on all layers of the OSI model. This is something our team have not seen until now.

During our initial setup of the tool we naturally encountered some issues, in particular with regards to correct server configuration. It was simple for us to jump on a support call with eG Innovations’ tech team, who were extremely helpful and helped us resolve the issue. Smooth sailing from there. The effectiveness and overall ease of use of this tool makes it something of a standard choice for anyone who is running a Citrix environment, the very nature of a tool such as this is necessary if one wants to improve their monitoring response effectiveness. I believe that in time, we will be making moves to implement this further for more of our clients. Taking into consideration the data this tool can produce vs the time it takes to set up, of course also comparing it to our previous system, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Issues and outages, beware. We’re coming for you. 

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